Native cedar branches...
and trunks make appealing and long-lasting gates, pergolas and
trellises.  The gate in the garden at right is part of an enclosure
which encircles a kitchen garden built atop a raised stone
enclosure.  Our supplier in Norridgewock cuts cedar materials to
order for us during the winter.  He takes special care not to
gouge or mar the bark, which allows us to leave the bark on.  The
bark can also be removed instead, resulting in wood that quickly
turns a lovely silver color.
This naturalistic bog garden in Rockport enjoys a dramatic weathered stone backdrop.  A true wet bog which has a plastic liner and perforated fill
tubes (see construction photo below at left) joins seamlessly with a drier naturalistic part bordering the paved road.  The dry part of the bog adjoining
the street features plants which fill back in quickly each spring after the winter snowplow has done its damage.
Naturalistic Gardens

This Camden, Maine garden began as a
lifeless clay swale in the backyard,
periodically inundated by floods from the
nearby mountain.  The new pond and
artificial streambed leading into (and out
of) it had to serve two functions:  to be a
stormwater detention feature and  a
naturalistic pond sanctuary for birds and
wildlife.  One part is lined with a thick
EPDM liner, while other parts are designed
to help water dissipate without collecting or
flooding.  Tom Jackson and his crew
helped us sculpt the pond and streambed
with his small excavators while my crew
guided the effort to make a believably
naturalistic pond.
Faux Bois

The pergola below might look like real wood (we hope it does), but this is faux bois, textured and colored concrete laid over a welded iron armature.

When we went to Japan in 2006, Noah was captivated by all the examples of high-quality faux bois we saw and he returned home determined to have
a go at it.  He brought back an impressive collection of faux bois photographs taken at dozens of places we visited, and these were inspirational to
him as he crafted this fabulous pergola, which is located in Camden.