Thanks to Phil Roberts
for the three photos
above and at right.

This 2006 Cushing, Maine garden
was designed to resemble a small
rock quarry, typical in this part of
Maine.  I designed and supervised
construction of the Japanese-style
screen house which slightly
overhangs the pond.
Islesboro, Maine  (2007)
Resetting Stones at
Asticou Azalea
Garden (right).  We
were honored to
bring our wooden and
steel tripods to help
meticulously restore
the original 1950s
setting of the stones
at the sand garden
with our good friend,
Mary Roper, the head
South Thomaston, Maine  (2001)  (above two photos)
"Lee Schneller has a wonderful eye for the right placement, whether of
a plant or a rock. She is delightful to work with, good at explaining what
she can do, and good at just helping you understand your property and
its potential. I highly recommend her."    - W. Keller, Norridgewock, Maine

Gentiana makinoi 'Royal
Blue' (left), Maidenhair
Fern (center) and
 (right) in two
Camden, Maine
Morrill, Maine (2004)    (photo by Phil Roberts)
St. George, Maine  (2006)
Rockport, Maine (2012)
Japanese-Inspired Gardens

This 2012 Rockport garden (far left and
left) is made to resemble a 16th c.
Momoyama Period garden in Tokushima,
Japan (upper right).

Click any photo to see construction

Spirea fences and a Jack
Pine become sculpture in the
snow in the garden at left,
while the Thomaston, Maine
(2003) garden at right
features more spirea fences
and over 20 species of native

A moss
checkerboard in this
2012 Owls Head
garden pays homage
to Shigemori Mirei's
famous garden at
Tofukuji Temple in
Kyoto.  Located just
outside the door to
the spa, the teak root
bench provides an
irresistible place to
stop and wiggle your
bare feet in the cool
moss while enjoying
a view of the ocean.