Lee Schneller Fine Gardens
Japanese-Inspired Gardens
Continuously Blooming Perennial Gardens

    Lee Schneller Fine Gardens was founded in 1995
    and specializes in designing and building Japanese-
    inspired, naturalistic and continuously blooming
    gardens.  We also do hourly consultations, talks,
    slide shows and workshops.  Lee's book, The Ever-
    Blooming Flower Garden: A Blueprint for
    Continuous Color, was released by Storey
    Publishing in March 2009 and is a bestseller in
    independent bookstores and online.

    Lee Schneller Sligh went to Japan for the first time
    in 1974 as an exchange student and lived there
    for four years in all.  She earned degrees in Asian
    History and Chinese Language and Literature, and
    spent ten years as a Japanese technical translator
    before starting her gardening business.  She is a
    Master Gardener volunteer and has designed and
    built over 300 gardens in Maine.

    Most LSFG crew members have the opportunity to
    study gardens in Japan on two-week crew trips to
    Kyoto every two years, and several are graduates
    of the Kyoto University Art and Design's Intensive
    Seminar on Japanese Gardens.
Certified by Maine DEP in
Erosion Control Practices as
required by law for working in
Shoreland Zone