...praise for
The Ever-Blooming
Flower Garden

"Takes the guesswork out of designing and planting a perennial
C. Colston Burrell, author of the bestselling book
Perennial Combinations

"The entire method is a joy to use.  The greatest gift is the
inspiration/belief that I can do it!"    
Stephanie Kumble, workshop participant

"If you, like me, love color in the garden, both for admiring and
for cutting, you'll pick up
The Ever-Blooming Flower Garden.  
The book lives up to its title: it IS a blueprint for continuous color
in the garden."    
New York Newsday

"Not just any gardening guide... An excellent resource for
flower-loving gardeners."    
Midwest Book Review

"Most useful gardening book I've ever bought. I've been gardening for many years, yet
missed many of the points that Lee makes in this wonderful new practical guide to
planning your flower gardens... Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, this
book will help you plan and maintain beautiful gardens. I wish it had come into my life a
long time ago."    
Wynne K., Amazon customer

"I particularly liked the Flower Catalog, which lists more than 200 trusty perennials
selected for, among other things, their hardiness, attractive flowers and foliage, and long
bloom time... My only wish is that Schneller would publish a follow-up flower catalog for
those who want more."
Ann Robinson, The Oregonian [three star rating --- maximum]

"If you want flowers blooming continually in your garden, this is the book for you... Visual
aids such as photos and graphs make this book an excellent resource for any
The Recommondation Blog of the Burton, Ohio, Public Library

"This amazing manual has refined the art of perennial garden planning down to a simple,
5-step system that will produce continuous, balanced color from spring through fall... Lee
Schneller inspires and encourages all perennial gardeners from novice to expert."    
Territorial Seed Company, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Continuously Blooming Gardens