Travel Photos
My fellow crew member, Noah, and I spent a month in Japan in
2006 visiting interesting historic gardens I had researched in
Japanese on the Internet.  Noah also attended the Kyoto
University of Art and Design Intensive Seminar on Japanese
Gardens, which I had attended in 2003.
Here are a few photos from that trip (click photo to enter)
Japan 2006 with Lee & Noah
All-Crew Trip to Japan and Tibet, 2013

We were inspired to take
a great leap in 2013, when
all 10 crew members went
on an epic trip to Japan
and Tibet.  The idea came
from our beloved
crewmate, Wang Chen,
who was granted a visa to
re-enter Tibet to visit his
family after a 20-year

(click photo to enter)

(photo by Liz Stanley)
Japan 2012
Traveling in Kyushu and along the ancient Kumano Kodo footpath on
the Kii Peninsula were highlights of this trip.  We tracked down a
remote garden (above) in the hinterlands around Lake Biwa at a
Shogun's secret retreat which I had read about in Niwa Magazine.

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All-Crew Trip to Kyoto March 2015

During our second
all-crew trip to Japan, we
spent two weeks in Kyoto
in a rented house, each
day visiting carefully
selected gardens and
historic sites.  Breakfasts
and dinners we spent
around the dining room
table talking about all we
had seen and sorting
through our photos.

More photos
coming soon!

(photo by Lee Sligh)